3 minute read

Having experienced some major WIFI¬†problems over the years, with the overly crouded 2.4 ISM band. I decided to dust of the good old CC2500 chip, and get it running, properly. The reason for this chip? the 8-bit RSS¬†value you can acquire from it. These day’s, the very cheap NRF24L01+ is rather nice, and cheap, but with a 1bit RSSI ‘threshold’, not very useful for these kind of setups.

Therefore I decided to build my own RF-Spectrumanalyser.

2 minute read

In an attempt to get some really nice Cheap wireless led-drivers I decided to buy some of these 433mhz transmitters:


Thinking I could sniff-out the protocol, and use these babies a s a nice ultra-cheap home-automation node.