3 minute read

Having experienced some major WIFI problems over the years, with the overly crouded 2.4 ISM band. I decided to dust of the good old CC2500 chip, and get it running, properly. The reason for this chip? the 8-bit RSS value you can acquire from it. These day’s, the very cheap NRF24L01+ is rather nice, and cheap, but with a 1bit RSSI ‘threshold’, not very useful for these kind of setups.

Therefore I decided to build my own RF-Spectrumanalyser.

3 minute read

A friend of mine was enjoying his Chinese UC40 projector, but for some strange reason, the manufacturer figured that it would be a nice feature to watermark the projected image. So he decided to upgrade this beamer with what turned out to be a incompatible image.

1 minute read

Some time ago I needed bit more power that the regular Arduino is able to provide. Therefore I thought, lets brush up my ARM skills.

So I desired to make some hefty investments in ARM, here is what i got:

  • STM32F103CTB dev board, $4,88
  • ST LINK-v2 (clone), $4,08

This was a major sad back, not taking in consideration the poor EUR -> $ ratio :)

NO but searilously cheap, just the way any duch-guy likes it :P

Then it is time to fire up the IDE, many to choose from, I chose: OpenSTM32 (which is basically a pre-setup Eclipse environment).